Recovery First Interventions

Comprehensive Case Plans From Intervention Through Drug Treatment.

At Recovery First Interventions, we do more. Our services begin the moment you pick up the phone and call one of our Certified Intervention Specialists. At once, we begin to create with you a customized plan of treatment and recovery. Our goal is not simply to charge in and get your loved one delivered safely to a treatment center somewhere and then disappear. We offer comprehensive case management that continues while your loved one is in treatment. We begin by compiling the necessary biographical and historical information required to create a successful plan of recovery for your loved one. We work hand in hand with you to set up the proper scenario to engage your loved one. There are three types of interventions which are commonly practiced, and selecting the right one is crucial. It is important not to further traumatize those who may already be injured, and are already suffering greatly. Most of our interventions utilize the Family Systemic or the Invitational Model. They are not “ambush” style interventions. We recommend no less than three different treatment center options based upon the clients individual needs, and include and oversee a comprehensive recovery and treatment case plan while they are in treatment. Additionally, we can help develop and oversee a long-term post-treatment case plan as well. This can include sober life coaching, transitional sober living, IOP (Intensive Outpatient Treatment), counseling and therapy, and 12 step integration for a healthy, well-balanced sober lifestyle.

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